Engineered for efficiency, our polyurethane, epoxy, and silicone adhesives promise impeccable performance, boasting low to zero VOCs and steadfast resilience against the harshest environments. From scorching heat to corrosive chemicals, our compounds endure, delivering unparalleled yields and saving you both time and costs. Tailored to perfection, our custom formulations cater to your precise requirements, packaged for convenience. Elevate your manufacturing standards with our adhesive solutions today.

Customers include leading manufacturers in many industries including Transportation & Automotive, Marine, Textile, and Sports & Recreation where Stabond products are used in countless applications.


Typical Applications

Transportation Assembly Bonding body panels, interior trim, and structural components
Aerospace Manufacturing Sealing aircraft components, bonding fuselage panels, and encapsulating electronics
Electronics Production Bonding circuit boards, encapsulating sensitive components, and sealing connectors
Construction Materials Sealing joints, bonding facade panels, and coating surfaces for protection
Marine Industry Bonding hulls, sealing windows and hatches, and coating surfaces for corrosion resistance
Renewable Energy Bonding wind turbine blades, encapsulating solar panels, and coating components for weather resistance
Medical Device Manufacturing Bonding surgical instruments, sealing medical equipment, and coating implants for biocompatibility
Heavy Machinery Fabrication Bonding metal components, sealing hydraulic systems, and coating surfaces for wear resistance
Packaging Industry Sealing cartons, bonding labels, and coating packaging materials for protection
Textile Manufacturing Bonding fabrics for laminates, sealing seams in wetsuits and outdoor gear, and coating textiles for water resistance

Stabond products are manufactured in the USA to the latest ISO 9001/AS9100 and NADCAP standards. Our products are approved for use by major OEM aircraft manufacturers.

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