Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where can I purchase Stabond products?

Our products can be purchased directly from us via phone or email (minimum order requirements are $500.00) or thru numerous distributors. Contact us for a list of current distributors.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Company check, credit cards, ACH and trade credit with terms (subject to approval).

What it the lead time for orders?

Typical lead time is 5 business days from receipt of order to ship date, subject to availability.

Application Questions

What adhesive is used when bonding fiberglass/Filon to lauan for RV sidewall repairs?

Stabond T-440C high temperature resistant contact adhesive works great for that purpose!

What adhesive is for bonding lauan/plywood to EPS foam for RV repairs?

Stabond E-183 contact adhesive formulated specifically for EPS foam, the solvent does not attack the foam.

What adhesive is used for repairing inflatable boats and RIB's?

Stabond UK-148 contact adhesive for PVC and Hypalon inflatable boats.

Do adhesives require compression/pressure for a quality bond?

Yes, with most adhesives adequate compression is the key in achieving a good bond.

What is the open time for adhesives?

Open times vary based on the product and conditions. Please refer to the technical data sheet.

Is it important for the adhesive to post-cure prior to exposing the laminate to stress?

Yes, post curing the adhesive is important, depending on the product it is typically 24-48 hours.

How do you remove adhesives from a surface?

If the adhesive is uncured a solvent wipe, for cured adhesive mechanical removal is typically required. Please see our TDS page for more information.

What adhesive is best for my application?

Simple solution, call 1-800-STABOND or send your contact information and we will find the best solution to your needs. 

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Quality & Compliance Questions

Which quality standards does Stabond comply with?

Our lab tests every batch/lot for compliance to strict quality standards and is in conformance with ISO 9001/AS 9100D. 

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