Coatings & Sealants

Sealants and coatings are used to block the penetration of liquids, gases, dust, and other contaminants by creating an adhesive barrier.

Stabond coating and sealant formulations are available with low VOC, high-temperature resistance, excellent resistance to water, acid, alkalis, oil, gasoline, and most solvents.  They are suitable for sealing multiple substrates reducing plasticizer migration. 

Some of our most popular coating and sealant products are listed below and custom formulations are available.

STASEAL 5000B moisture cured, urethane adhesive/sealant. This product has been successfully used for bonding various surfaces such as: EPS board, wood, fiberglass and aluminum.

W-600 is compounded from the best natural rubber latex to produce a formulation ideal for mold making. STABOND W 600 is also an excellent adhesive for porous materials such as canvas, burlap, muslin etc. This product may also be used as a strippable coating to metals and other non-porous surfaces.

W-626 is a water based, synthetic rubber coating that is formulated to form a tough, water resistant barrier when allowed to dry. It is typically used to seal RV wall cutouts and works best when used in a two-coat application.

V-36 is recommended as a protective coating which bonds well to metal, rubber, glass and fabric. A V-36 coated surface can be flexed 180º without cracking the coating or breaking the bond. It is abrasion resistant and is not affected by salt water, many cleaning solvents and extremes of temperature. It has proven resistant to moderate strength non-oxidizing acids. V-36 will set in 20 minutes; however, a longer period of time should be allowed for a complete dry. A .005” dip coat withstands 1500 volts without d sparking or pitting.

MR3 Mold Release #3 has been developed to facilitate the removal of polyurethane parts from a mold or as a general purpose release agent and can be sprayed rolled or brushed

SWD-1000 is a fast drying primer and adhesion promoter that provide maximum adhesion of spray urethane foam to the metal, concrete and other substrates.

SWD-2000 is a low VOC fast drying primer and adhesion promoter that provide maximum adhesion of spray urethane foam to metal, concrete and other substrates.

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